The Long Beach Free Store location at the Catalyst Center for Urban Sustainability is closing.

Although we just recently had an awesome opening, it saddens us to have to close the doors so soon. 

We will continue with our efforts to secure a new location because we still believe wholeheartedly in its mission.

Now – more than ever – is the time to get behind this project if you share these values. We invite you to help us to keep going.

Moving forward– We will continue to host Pop Up Free Store events and our monthly Free Community Exchange, the Seven-Ten Swap.   We will promote and participate in other sharing events in the Long Beach Area such as the monthly Really Really Free Market at Bixby Park every last Sunday.

We invite people to join our core team to move us forward.  Send us a message if you would like to get involved, or with any constructive advice or input, well wishes or leads – even if you can’t commit to be a part of this team. We could use all of your positive thoughts & good vibes right now…

You can also help by making a tax-deductible donation to the Long Beach Free Store/Catalyst to help cover the expenses of relocation.

Ideally, we are seeking the opportunity to relocate with the Catalyst Center for Urban Sustainability as a whole, because it includes other worthy projects like our Community Bike Shop, the DIY Maker Space, the Urban Oasis container garden, the Butterfly Cove, our Solar / Bike / Water & Recycling Education Stations, Fitness & Wellness Programs, Workforce Development Programs, Arts programs and Children’s Programming. 

While our 1st choice is to continue our work all together – if we are not able to find adequate space to keep the complete Catalyst Center together – we know that each project can stand on it’s own to have a meaningful impact on the community. With this in mind – we are seeking help in moving & relocating any and all parts of these projects; in one unit, or piece by piece in different locations in the greater Long Beach area.

If you have any input regarding the relocation and preservation of the entire Catalyst Center for Urban Sustainability, or any of its programs – please send us an email at .

This is not the end of the Free Store – but rather an opportunity for a new beginning.

Thank you to all of you who have donated, shopped or helped out in any way. All of your contributions made this endeavor a truly special experience and you are greatly appreciated. We look forward to finding out what happens next.


The Long Beach Free Store Team 

To be continued….

Join us for the Long Beach Time Exchange 2 Yr Anniversary - and get a chance to check out the New Location of the LB Free Store!  The Free Store will be open to participants of the LB Time Exchange Celebration Sunday 9/16/12.  Find out more about how you can earn time dollars when you volunteer at the Free Store, and how to share skills and services with others in the community.

We’re Back!

Long Beach Free Store

Share what you have & find what you need

@ the new Catalyst Center for Urban Sustainability

1730 Long Beach Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90813 (one block south of PCH at Esther)

Doors Open 9/8/2 @ 12:00 noon


The Catalyst Community Space on 1st Street LB is closing its doors at the end of November, 2011. Catalyst will continue to operate in Long Beach and beyond - make sure to keep up with the Catalyst Network of Communities at

The Free Store will be moving to the HUB in 2012 - Grand Opening TBA 

 The HUB is a Community Bike Center - and they are located at  1730 Long Beach Blvd.
Long Beach, CA 90813 (near PCH).  See their website at

We will be looking for Volunteers for Free Store Staff and Leads, and seeking someone to help Manage the LB Free Store in its new location. Please send us an email if you can help.

Sunday 11-12-11 is our Last Sunday at the Current Location - we will be open Tuesday 11/14 and Thursday 11/16 will be our last day.

Make sure to come to the November Seven-Ten Swap - it will be the last one at the Catalyst Community Space on 1st. The 710 Swap will be looking for a new home - let us know if you can help. November 2011 710-Swap will Feature Holiday Items - we will pull out all the Holiday Stuff we've set aside from previous swaps and the Free Store. We will also be looking to clear-out Free Store Inventory - so come and take what you can carry!


--------------Keep Checking The  Website for LB FS PoP Up Events Around Town ---------------

Help us Celebrate the One Year Anniversary of the Seven Ten Swap in July 2011! 
This free swap & community exchange has run a full year – the 3rd Friday of each month at the Catalyst Community Space in Long Beach, CA.
All year – people have come with their once loved & gently used clothing, house hold items & décor, books and games, children’s items and toys…. anything they had to share ( that is – give away, for free!)
We’ve also swapped Halloween Costumes and décor in October and Holiday Items & decor in November and December… and passed any un-wanted gifts we got over the holidays and other occasions in January and all year long!
People who come to the swaps have been generous and brought some REALLY NICE stuff. Most have had at least one new treasure to claim from the swap! We always have left-over swap stuff – every single time!
The Seven-Ten Swap has been such a success - Catalyst is opening a community Free Store – right inside the Catalyst Space.  Now – we will have a home for the left-over swap items, and people can come at other times to drop-off items and get something for free.  (We will be looking for volunteers to help run the Free Store – email us at if you would like to get involved.)
The new Long Beach Free Store at Catalyst will open in August, 2011. ( Check back for details – don’t miss out on the Grand Opening Event!)  But you can get a taste of the Free Store at the special  “Preview Opening” reception – on July 31, 2011; at the Catalyst Space.  Bring items to give to the Free Store and “shop” for your free item – as we celebrate One Year of the Seven-Ten Swap and the opening of the Long Beach Free Store at Catalyst.
Don’t forget to join us at the July 15, 2011 Seven-Ten Swap to kick off another year of swapping, sharing and making new friends.  Bring something for the pot-luck, bring any items you no longer use (that are clean and in good condition)…and find something to take home – for free!  As always – you don’t have to bring something to the swap to take from it…but most of us have some un-loved clutter laying around that we could pass on to someone else.
For Details on the Seven-Ten Swap and the Long Beach Free Store at Catalst  :